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Our Programmes

We offer a range of educational activities for children and teenagers, including robotics, coding, competition training, DSA (Direct School Admission) preparation, holiday programmes, and free play sessions.

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The robotics programme consists of four stages and is aimed at teaching students how to design, build, and program robots using various technologies. Students learn the basics of robotics and programming in the first stage, design and build more complex robots in the second stage, and learn advanced programming techniques, such as computer vision and artificial intelligence, in the third stage. In the final stage, students work on independent projects and also have the opportunity to participate in robotics competitions. The programme develops critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork skills, as well as an understanding of robotics and its applications in real-world settings.


The coding program for children and teenagers has four stages, where the third stage is focused on learning Python programming and the fourth stage introduces hardware boards to teach IoT and physical computing. This progressive approach aims to help young learners develop their coding skills and advance to more advanced topics.

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This is an event where teams of students use LEGO robotics kits to design, build, and program robots to compete in various challenges. These challenges can be related to different fields such as engineering, technology, and science. The competitions can take place at different levels, from local to national and even international, and are often organized by educational institutions, non-profit organizations, and LEGO itself.

DSA Training

Robotic DSA (Direct School Admission) training is a programme designed to help students prepare for admission into secondary schools that require robotic skills as part of their admission criteria. The programme focuses on developing students' robotic skills and knowledge, including design, construction, and programming, as well as critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork skills. Students are trained to apply their robotic skills to solve real-world problems and are also taught interview techniques and strategies for presenting their skills during the admission process. Through this programme, students develop the necessary skills and confidence to excel in DSA interviews and gain admission to top schools.

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Holiday Programme

Our school holiday program provide fun and enriching experience for learners to explore the world of robotics and programming. 

Free Play

By dropping off your child at School of Robotics (SOR), they will have access to our full suite of robotics equipment and technology. They can choose and pick what they wish to do, and how they want to do it. Our centre provide supervision while your child have the opportunity to engage in free-play and self-learning!

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