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DSA Training

To apply for the DSA in Robotics and Coding, students are required to demonstrate their proficiency and passion in these areas. They may be required to submit a portfolio of their projects, participate in interviews, or take part in practical assessments. Students who are successful in their application will be granted direct admission to the secondary school.

Who can join

Primary 6 student that wish to secure a place via DSA before the PSLE

Preparation period

January to June

Teacher to student ratio

1 : 8


Robotics & coding background with competition experience

Training curriculum

1. Introduction to DSA-Robotics

2. Building Construction Technique

3. Introduction to Zeezag Tracking

4. Introduction to Ptrack

5. Challenges & Missions

6. Website Portfolio Creation

7. Research & Presentation Skills

​8. Skills Interview Preparation

9. Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication (Presentation Skills)

10. Interview Skills: Aptitude & Attitude

11. Interview Preparation:  1 to 1 Interview

12. Interview Preparation: Group Interview

13. Interview Preparation: Panel Interview & Technical Interview

14. Mock Interview

Schools that may take part in Robotics

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